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Stationary Awning

An elegant solution for more privacy, protection...


Terrace awning also called balcony awning, allows a new room adjacent to your home.

Good weather, bad weather, stationary awning is more than just a shading product, it allows you to make the most of your balcony or terrace.

Create cool space in hot weather and protection in rainy weather.

An average use from May to October, the canvas must be stored for the winter period with regard to the awning 3 seasons.

The structure made of galvanized steel or aluminum is maintenance-free, usually covered with acrylic canvas for the 3-season awning and provided with a vinyl canvas for the 4-
season stationary awning.

Made to measure, the stationary awning allows you to follow exactly the dimensions of your balcony or terrace which is unfortunately not always possible with the retractable awning.

Several options and possibilities to attach different types of vertical protection such as fixed or removable curtains, clear, opaque or mosquito net etc...